Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Defining Our Freedom

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Happy 4th of July! - even if you're reading this after the 4th.

I love this holiday because I am thankful for being an American. I remember sitting in government class and hearing the professor praise the American woman. I remember feeling my cheeks beam and a gratitude fill my heart, and thinking that's me, I am an American woman. Later, composing the verse of "Real Live Woman."

Maybe, we take our freedoms for granted sometimes. Why do people remain silent about something when they know we have freedom of speech? Why fall victim to something they do not understand? Why submit to fear? Why hold onto pride and not get an education? Why are there more people in prisons than in colleges?

I value my education. I am so thankful that I have my Bachelor's degree now, and I think, if I wasn't an American - I wouldn't have this opportunity. This opportunity to express myself - hold onto cultural roots of being Mexicana and Tejana, yet at the same time, understand liberty and the Founding Fathers of my country. Study history and see what it tells me instead of reading the facts - trying to understand the humanity of past civilizations.

I got angry once when a student did not pledge allegiance to the flag - I made him do it twice, actually nearly three times. I told him, "Men are dying so you can stand here in this classroom. Now, I want to hear you say that again. Clearly." I stated firmly. We should acknowledge this holiday with thanksgiving.

I also enjoy my freedom of religion. I've grown closer to God these past few months. Something I knew for awhile that I needed to do for awhile - something I had placed on hold, but now I am where I need to be, and constantly moving toward where God wants me to be. I am a Christian and that's what matters - all different faiths - one God. Right?

Like our country in her beauty - different cultures - one country. That's the essence of our beauty. To me, that is true freedom - being able to be surrounded by people of different colors, religions, ages, etc. and not being judgemental but welcoming with open arms. Looking @ history, there were times when people stayed together. Just to mention a few - the Revolutions, Civil Rights Movement, Women's Movement, - why didn't I live then? I would've been someone leading the crowds. Look closely though - were there differences? Maybe some - the picture cannot be flawless, but look again - unity - the opportunity to fight for one cause - freedom.......


Pinche Gata said...

Great Post!! I love this country!!

Shirazi said...

What a colourful blog. And yes, great entry.

~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

thanx for the comments!