Sunday, July 30, 2006

Every Day is a New Day - Every Day is a Beautiful Day

I've been repeating this saying over and over, "Every day is a new day, every day is a beautiful day." Last summer, Iknew this wonderful co-worker who was a cancer patient, but she always had a smile every morning. She had a good heart; she brought me closer to God. We'd pray every morning before starting to work. We'd pray for all kinds of things - like good health, strength, blessings for the customers who would come through the door, we even prayed that I would get a boyfriend, and it worked! The Power of Prayer - I'm telling you - it works! I knew for awhile that I needed to get close to God again. I had planned on doing it, and I knew I needed to do it - once my heart was ready. I felt myself inches and inches closer, and then all of a sudden - I was there - close to God again, and recommitting my life to Christ.

I taught Vacation Bible School all last week, and it was a beautiful experience. Each day we spent time on topics like "worship, thanksgiving, forgiveness, obedience." When we discussed thanksgiving, I said that line "Every day is a new day, every day is a beautiful day. I glanced at the cloudy day outside and remembered last summer and my co-worker. We worked inside an office that appeared to be made of glass because there were windows surrounding us. We'd watch the days change from cloudy to sunny. We'd watch the cars pass and people come in and out of the office. I'd remarked one day "it's so ugly outside," referring to the rain. My co-worker said "No, Elsie, it's still a beautiful day. Some days with the sunshine are just more beautiful than others. You know why every day is beautiful?" I shook my head. "Because every day is a blessing from God." How true that is!

I shared this a year later with my students, ages 10-13. On Friday night, I sat down with my students and listened to them as they shared what they had learned. One little girl who had just commited her life to Christ days before, who had been filled with questions about this awesome friend of mine named Jesus, she smiled at me and repeated the line to me, "
Every day is a new day, every day is a beautiful day." I smiled so big and let her hug me. I reminded myself to take my own advice and follow what I preach to so many - and it's hard - to achieve balance between living in the world and trying to be a strong Christian. I'm working on it.

Amazing how these words stay with me. Amazing how I can share them. I shared them again @ an event today where I was reading one of my poems in an effort to inspire the young freshmen girls. I did this a year ago, and I've changed so much. I keep moving forward - I keep changing - I think in a way, I do - I keep getting "better and better" like one of my favorite authors Ana Castillo. I can say this though - I am growing every day - enjoying every day.

I've gone back to the Rose Garden - not to remember October kisses - but to smell the roses.

I've gone back to the Rose Garden - not to dream of a wedding there - but to smell the roses.

Last night, I enjoyed the warm night. I was driving around with a fairly new friend, we had a great conversation, and he admitted that he liked the way I just say what's on my mind, and I realized that he can read me like a book. We talked, and I laughed - enjoying his light-hearted sense of humor. Then, he said "what you need is someone who will respect YOU and LOVE you for who you are and ACCEPT you for who you are." That's a truth..........


Michelle said...

My new mantra: "Every day is a new day, every day is a beautiful day." Thanks for sharing this positive message with the young people of your Bible School and with oldies like me who sometimes need to be reminded. Blessings to you, congrats on getting your degree and good luck with the job search. Indeed, God will take care of you.

~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

Thank you Michelle. I am glad you like that - I am going to keep reminding myself of that as well.