Monday, August 21, 2006

Time, Trials, and Treasures

Time seems to go by so quickly. It feels like just yesterday I was completing my B.A. and now, I realize it has been nearly two months. I still have no job. I told God, "Thank you. I am where you want me to be right now." I'll do what I can with my time. I have slept half my days away and read some interesting books. I have written some love poetry, a few short stories that are only strings waiting to be knotted and completed..and...last week, I made the commitment to start working on chapters of my novel and actually asking people to read. I have some readers now who are offering some great criticism and some techniques that are really helping me. I have never made such a commitment like this before to my writing; I am glad I have. It's so easy to say "Yeah, i wrote a novel." Anyone can say that, but you know what? I do not want to be just a talker; that's not me, I want to say that I've completed and working on getting it published. Final Editing Stages - that's where the novel is - after a whole year. I cannot believe a whole year has rolled by. Amazing how Time just goes by.

-Trials - I am facing a trial right now. My faith is being tested. I don't like not having a full-time job and I hate to look at the numbers in my bank account reduce to only two digits, when I am so used to seeing three or four digits. I am getting frustrating, seeing the bills roll in one after another. I always preach about being so positive, yet at times, I feel myself drowning in my own emotions. Then I get mad at myself for wasting my time, moping around or sleeping half the day because I am bored. But it's getting better - my friends call me and cheer me up or ask for favors, and I gotta be the cheerful bright Elsie. I gotta remind myself over and over.

-Treasures - Thursday, I went to the movies with a wonderful patient gentleman who's in my life, and I thank God for him every day.
It felt good to relax and unwind. Without the burden of a relationship and thinking I am gonna miss this man when he leaves to go work in Houston, but instead stating - the distance might do us some good. I notice that he's not all wrapped up in my outside image, but instead we have actual conversations. Last Friday when my best friend Abee and I went out, I was doing some crazy daring stuff that made my heart race. I wanted to scream in laughter. Saturday night was the same with the girls - all loud and crazy inside Chilis. But all fun... Nice to know that Life still has treasures.


Chicka * Cosmo said...

Elsie, life has to bring trials, treasures, pain and laughter... ow can we appreciate the beauty of life if we dont see the other side of the coin??!
God neer gives us more than we can handle... be strong...HE is there for you! {& me too} :-)

~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

thank you for coming by Lise!! Yeah, God's here for us!

Anonymous said...

What a world this is where you can find a person that is so open, I can tell that you are a very spirtual person. I can tell you from experience that God's Love is so great, he gave us his only son our Lord Jesus. Your right, u let him take the wheel and all will work out in his time.
God Bless You~

~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

To "anonymous," I wish I had a name to say, it seems you have learned so much about me from my blog entry - like looking at me from a whole different perspective. I AM very spiritual, and I always think about God and wake up with thanksgiving. Yes, I understand how great God's love is - John 3:16. Everything is working out pretty well - check back when you can. And, yes, God is blessing. Thank you!