Thursday, August 10, 2006

Presence of People, Photography, and Prayer Works!

I find that when I am around people, I am experiencing one of God's most precious creations. I find that life feels so much richer and interesting. Last week, my best friend Abee and I went out to garage sales, resale shops, pizza, expensive jewelry store, the library, the book store, chinese food buffet- we went to a variety of these places during the week.

It was fun talking to different people as we shopped and got great bargains. At times, we wanted the same things - like the silver cross with the sun and moon snuzzled closely together. I said, "Abee - lemme get some Christmas ideas for you!" People look at us and see this connection - like brother and sister. I've truly believed that we're soul mates - connected so well.
That sun and moon reminds me of us - because the sun is bright and round (like me) and the moon is slim with that twinkling star in the eye - like Abee.

There's something about being around people that brings me home with stories blossoming in my imagination. I don't just "see" people; I take them inside my mind and wonder why they do the things they do or where they come from. For instance, the Mexican woman with dyed black hair @ the resale shop, "Milagros." - told me "that's a dollar." as I bought several little trinkets. She spoke great English although she kept talking about "Mejico" as her home. I thought that stereotype that they all have accents is not true! She gave me a Christian fiction book and said "God Bless You, mija." She sold me one of those scented candles in dark red that are normally like nine dollars @ JcPenney or Dillard's for only two dollars as she gave me that blessing with a genuine sincerity in her eyes.

When I immediately told my mom that I went to a resale shop called "Milagros." She frowned and asked me what was there. She then told me that "milagros" means miracles in Spanish - what a wonderful translation, but then she explained how sometimes those stores actually have amuletos, oils, "voodoo" stuff, candles scented with certain oils for love spells. She started to reprimand me asking if I asked for something to get my ex-boyfriend back, and I started to laugh so loudly! No, I am not going to mess with free will like that and God is my father, and He's in control!!

Photography is one of my passions. Last time, I had some alone time with my camera - I took ths photograph @ this wonderful place where I might be working near... I can already see myself with notepad, Bible, camera, cell phone, hopes and dreams, surrounding me, as I enjoy the peacefulness of the water and hear the comforting touches of the waves on the pier. Starting a new job is almost like falling in love and wanting to see that person and getting so excited, I cannot rush though and say that everything is final, because I am still waiting for the answer. But i gotta admit that the excitement is here.

It's what I've been praying for - just totally surrendering to God - although it was difficult at first. I have to leave y'all in suspense about the job offer, but I think it's my calling and God had to show me a few things before placing me back on that path, and I have to continue praying. But I must admit that I am so ready - for this new beginning - that all my pretty clothes is out because I want to shine again. I have to start getting to sleep before - well 4 a.m. *blushes* I know I am such a night owl.

Maybe that red candle with the beautiful scent - has something to do with it. I've been lighting it every night and it fills me with a sense of peace and joy...... wink wink


Michelle said...

Elsie -- I love the new look of your blog. Thanks for stopping by. Have you heard about the 1st Annual Chica Lit Club Fiesta in Miami Beach, held the weekend of May 19th? About seventy chica lit aficionados from all over the country gathered at the Miami Beach Resort and Spa for a weekend of books, fun and sisterhood. You may want to check it out. It sounds similar to the NBCC event I recently attended. Just wanted to come over and tell you about it! If you ever attend, let me know.

Suezette said...

The blog is looking pretty cool chica! The pictures are beautiful! You sound so at peace Elsie, I'm so happy for you! Keep your faith girl. Good things are coming your way. I can feel it!!!

~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

thank you Suezette - peace is hard to find - i think after time it just comes because God wants it to be there after showing us lessons and His reasons. I am glad I am at this point.

服從到只一 A.K.A: Sugar Cat said...

I've been working too much, so much that I have missed out on your entries...

I totally understand how and where you are coming from. I'm still searching and it's been a long road... but when you find yourself in tears or questions, just know that God is making you stronger for what he has planned for you.

I love your work, I have since the first day I saw it. You are heading in the right direction. Put everything in His hands and you will always come out shining bright like that sun...

Aside from the song you have posted, I really love "Bless The Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts... Stay focused... keep your eyes on Him and you will go far.

iremy said...

Hey stranger, long time no blog... I love the layout and the pics. The post was something to think about, great entry. Looking forward in blogging with you again.

:) neighbor

~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

Hi Sugar Cat - thank you for the encouragement. Although I appear so positive, I have to pray that God will take negative thoughts away from me. I also love that song "bless the broken road." i have a duet with Carrie Underwood which is so beautiful.

Hi nick! *hugs* glad you came by. Thank you!